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    Error in daily giveaways

    Do any know how to fix, that it wont validate that ur doing the task "share publicy" ? if any know i'll be happy to know, as im tired of i cant get the giveaways due that one task. Its normal the 2nd of them

    9 february 2018 17:16 1628

    Hi in first he will Open another page on Facebook.com and he will set details and u only should click share and after it return and do verify
    if i helped u add me
    And comment pls

    9 february 2018 17:31 1628

    Thers not a vertify to click, i've shared the post 32 times past 5 days though lol

    9 february 2018 17:33 1628


    10 february 2018 17:25 1628

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