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    PAYDAY 2 - Game Review

    PAYDAY 2 is an FPS-COOP action game developed by Overkill Software where you take the role of a robber that is trying to blend in with the public and not being arrested by the special forces.

    When you start the game for the first time, it’s important to complete a tutorial that will teach you the basics of the game (Cutting fences, Fixing jammed drills, Looping cameras, etc.) Don’t worry, you are not alone in that mess! There are Chains, Hoxton, and Wolf that will support you in everything you are doing because they are your crew. Every player can be downed a maximum three times before being arrested. If your screen is desaturated this is a sign that you are on your third down.

    The environment is outstanding, and it looks real. The developers of the game got the details and put some effort into making the maps. The game has many maps to choose from and only two game modes, Stealth and Loud

    • Stealth - Your primary aim is to rob the place without being noticed by the guard and cameras. When killing guard’s answer pagers otherwise the alarm will trigger, and police will come.
    • Loud - Doesn’t matter if you answer pagers or not. The primary aim in this game mode is to break into the safe room and steal all the loot and get out as soon as possible because the special forces are on its way! Just go LOUD and CRAZY!

    The game also has many weapons, from ordinary pistols to mini-guns. You didn’t expect that, did you? Controls are excellent, not going to lie! You can bind every action to any button you like and also change your mouse sensitivity. But, hey, don’t change the move controls W, A, S, D because they are important in-game! The game has language options, crosshair customisation, and much more! It’s not much about the gameplay, but let’s move on!


    • Bulldozer - Special unit that is heavily armoured and armed to the teeth (2000 health).
    • Cloaker - Infiltration unit that can get into areas where standard units can’t. They can strike from anywhere and have 600 health.
    • Shield units - They carry a riot shield, have 40 health, but can be difficult to eliminate, that’s why I use grenades on them.
    • Sniper - Just a sniper with 40 health.
    • SWAT turret - This is an automatic sentry gun with 35000 health. Don’t even try to take it down because it’s impossible…
    • Taser units - Taser units will continuously attack you until someone takes them down (300 health).

    The game supports multilayer and its available on PC (STEAM), Xbox One & 360, PS3 & 4, and Nintendo Switch. Like I mentioned above, the community is so cool and I enjoy playing with it, but there’s an enormous problem. The CHEATERS. Yes, you heard me right, the game is full of cheaters because the game doesn’t have an anti-cheat system. You may ask how this is infecting the gameplay? Well, they can set you on fire, knock you down, disconnect you from the game, etc. It’s annoying. I hope the developers of the game will add some kind of anti-cheat system.

    What is safe-house? Safe-house is a place where you, your crew, and other important people are hiding money, drugs and other stuff. Also to hide from the special forces. The police will raid your safe-house every 3 days. During that period players cannot enter and upgrade it, but they have an option to stop the raid by fighting the police that will give them access to it. The new safe-house has 4 levels (Top floor, Ground floor, Basement, Trivia). There are plenty of rooms to look at, but I won’t include them all here.

    Basement ( The vault )

    Ground Floor ( Common room )

    Top Floor ( Scarface's room )



    • Normal - 0 Skulls
    • Hard - 1 Skull
    • Very Hard - 2 Skulls
    • Overkill - 3 Skulls
    • Mayhem - 4 Skulls
    • Death Wish - 5 Skulls
    • Death Sentence - 6 SKULLS
    If you are a new player I suggest you not trying Mayhem, Death Wish, and Death Sentence because it is absolute madness!

    Just like in CS:GO this game has skins, masks, and unique characters. Skins can be unlocked by opening safes (like cases) that costs money. Some require keys, some not. Some characters and masks can be unlocked just by playing the game and unlocking achievements, but some require the special version of the game that will cost you more money.

    By upgrading your skills, you unlock new abilities and equipment. There are five skill trees: Mastermind, Enforcer, Technician, Ghost, and Fugitive. To upgrade skills, you need skill points that can be obtained by levelling up your reputation level. 
    • Tier 2 Skill Tree - Unlocked by spending 1 skill point
    • Tier 3 Skill Tree - Unlocked by spending 3 skill points
    • Tier 4 Skill Tree - Unlocked by spending 18 skill points
    If you want to learn more about the skills and items in the game search them up in Google! The only reason I didn’t include items here is just that I don’t want to make a lengthy article.

    I rate the game 10/10!

    This is one of the few games that I rate with 10 out of 10. The variety of guns, masks, maps, difficulty levels is outstanding. I know little about the storyline of the game. I don’t have any game comments, just that cheating problem... That’s it from me!


    2 may 2020 10:29 1625

    payday is bad bad very bad

    14 may 2020 13:54 1625

    Yes. IT IS COOL

    14 may 2020 14:55 1625

    superb game this is !!

    14 may 2020 15:18 1625

    PayDay 2 is a very good game. I like it

    14 may 2020 15:57 1625

    very nice article thx

    14 may 2020 16:47 1625

    i might try this game it seems interesting.

    20 may 2020 05:08 1625

    that game is so hard

    20 may 2020 10:04 1625

    This game is hard

    21 may 2020 15:36 1625

    i love this game

    21 may 2020 16:36 1625

    this game is pretty good

    15 july 2020 04:32 1625

    I play payday and it's very good if u have friend to play with. Very nice article btw!

    2 august 2020 05:39 1625

    This game is not bad, if You have friends to play with

    2 august 2020 23:02 1625

    wow the most funny game ever

    3 august 2020 00:26 1625

    sad i cant buy it

    3 august 2020 06:24 1625

    i got this game and also payday1, i also got left 4 dead 1-2 but never played, cos i have no time. but i really want to play, cos i watched many videos about these games, and it looks awesome.

    3 august 2020 09:33 1625

    i have bought this game but still havent got the chance to play it 😂

    4 august 2020 22:02 1625

    how not love 3D gsme

    5 august 2020 00:33 1625

    how was the game, tell me every thing

    5 august 2020 07:13 1625

    payday 2 is a nice game, and it has a roblox ripoff called Notoriety, but to get some certain guns you need to spend robux. Oh, and swat sentries can actually be killed easily.

    5 august 2020 08:08 1625

    let's play anyone

    5 august 2020 10:47 1625

    Still a good meme game I feels

    6 august 2020 02:00 1625

    very nice article thx

    6 august 2020 04:13 1625

    good game with friends

    6 august 2020 14:06 1625

    nice cool grab your bags and lets the money

    8 august 2020 07:38 1625

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